Welcome to my link page

Linux Link Pages:

1. Gentoo:

2. Void :

3. Devuan:

Some interesting sites:

01. Tunkhannock Township PA Page:

02. ARCC Home Page:

03. FCC Home Page:

04. NRA Home Page:

05. Indy Car Page:

06. NASCAR Page:

07. Poconoraceway:

08. Guns and Ammo Page:

09. Mozilla Great Internet Browser and E-mail Page:

10. DuckDuckGo Great Search Engine:

News and Weather:

1. Gateway Pundit:

2. Breitbart:

3. Newsmax:

4. Mount Holly National Weather Service:

5. Mount Holly Skywarn Page:

6. Weather Prediction Center:

7. Storm Prediction Center:

Picture from Myrtle Beach South Carolina to look at on those long gray winter days.