I felt this flag best describes the way I feel after years of lies and poor working conditions. If I had a song to chose for the way I feel it would be Twisted Sisters “We're not going to take it anymore”.

From things are going getting better to don't worry, I'll get the exhaust system fixed one of these days, just open the doors up. I know its the middle of winter but if you work harder you build up heat and you won't notice the cold. If the shops were run like they are now but were large corporate manufacturing companies the E.P.A. and O.S.H.A would have a field day with fines, prosecutions, and closers.

I hope you found my web site informative and thought provoking. I hope if you came across this site and had been considering this trade as a career that you now have a better and truthful idea on what you are going to be up against. For technicians that have been or still are in the trade I would like to hear your thoughts on these matter. What you feel should be done or your experiences in the trade.

I am hoping this gets many of you out there thinking. I am sure if we put our heads together and start talking about the problems in this trade we can find a solution and save are livelihoods and make it a trade that young new people entering can be proud of. Just click on the picture to send me a e- mail

I would really like to hear from you. If you'd like to learn more about me please check out my personal page here. My Personal Page:

Here are some great web-sites! The first site is another site showing the state of the industry especially on a Ford Technicians view. The second is Kelly Blue Book. See how much you car has depreciated since you bought it.



If you are having problems at your shop and need help try my friends here. These guys are professionals. They can help the workers in your shop! Sometimes you need the help of others, these guys can make a difference! You may needed them at your place. If you are working at a shop that thinks slavery still is in existence. They will give the shop owner one big wake up call.

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

Transportation Communication International Union


William Thomas Byron Jr.