From the Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania!

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My Name is Bill Byron and I live here in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. I was an Auto Technician by trade. Now I am disabled and live day by day with severe back and neck and joint pain. I had been an Automotive Technician for 24 years, until my spine gave out with degenerative and compressed disks and both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. I have found a doctor in Saint Lukes who has helped me finally. I also have moderate asthma and allergies. Automotive work takes a toll on ones body.

This has made a major change in my life and made me realize how much I appreciate family and friends. I've been married for 40 years to my wife Miriel. She works for our local school district and we have two sons. My oldest William the 3rd is a department store shoe department manager in South East Pennsylvania. He has a major in History and English with a secondary degree in teaching. But after years of trying to land a full time job in cash strapped PA he gave up. He is married and my daughter-in-law's name is Andrea. Andrea works as Human Resources Manager at an area department store chain. They have a Daughter named Penelope. My youngest son Alan is a manager at an Automotive Chain. Was almost done college for a Bachelors Degree in Business but the money ran out do to it needed to go to foreign aid to some country that hates us. He has a Son named Logan.

I have two German Shepherd one named Georgie Girl or GiGi for short. She is a very good girl and loves walks and chasing the deer and other critters out of the yard. Had a three Wednesdays in a row a run in with a skunk in our front yard. I call her my huntress, for her ability to stock out rabbit, voles, and other critters. Then there is my Very Big Guy Bo. He is my shadow. Cannot get enough attention. Loves the snow and romps through the forest. I cannot thank Christy Novy. If anyone is looking for healthy, beautiful, German Shepherd breed dogs or information on how to keep them healthy please go to her website Guardian Shepherds

My handsome boy Bosco! He Passed on and is Missed!



My son with his dog Arya, a Dorkey (half Dachshund and half Yorkie) and GiGi.







I had three dogs that have passed. Dante at nine years old. He was a white male German Shepherd. We've had him since he was a 7 week old pup. He was 90lbs and 28 inches high at his front shoulders. Just big enough to come over to the computer desk and when he wanted attention, putting his muzzle under my arms and lifting my hands away from the key board. "Hey it's play time". He fought cancer to the very end. He never complained or whimpered and died with his family comforting him. Then there was Cody. He was ten years of age. He was an Australian Shepherd. He died suddenly from an autoimmune attack. The Vet thought they had it licked but unfortunately we lost him. Then we lost Bosco at 12 years old. He was 125 lbs and 27” to shoulders.

Below is a picture of the two of them with us.

We live in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania in the United Socialist States of America. You know the country that spies on your E-mail, phone, and electronic media use. Uses the IRS to targets groups and people the government does not like. Use the EPA to target industry we don't like. A country that cannot keep a 15 year old hacker out of it's most secure agencies computers, will now have full access to our medical records and all our history that is in them. None of my doctor like this Affordable Care Act! Just think back in China there will be some computer technician who broken into the IRS computers reading that at your last visit to the doctors you had high blood pressure and a in grown toe nail. A country where our politicians feel they can pass laws like the police can confiscate your cell phone after an accident and rummage through it because it MAY have contributed to the accident. We don't need to worry about that silly old constitution. We want to be a nanny state and tell you what you can eat drink, listen to or watch on TV or electronic media. Because these select few politicians and Hollywood elitist know better than you. A Police State that been foaming at the mouth to take away The Bill of Rights. They want to confiscate the peoples guns so they can declare this country the USSA with out fear of a second revolution amongst the people.

My ground elevation at my house is 1,974 feet and I have lived here since 1993. Bought my house during the summer and quickly learned that there are only two seasons around here, winter and not winter (the not winter months are 70s and low 80s with 75 percent plus humidity). So if you like gray cloudy days, days on end with temperatures never seeing mid-teens for highs and lots and lots of wind, this is your kind of place. If you like winds that have been clocked in the 90mph range when we get strong cold fronts coming out of Canada and off shore Nor-Easters, along with cold damp days, snow, sleet, days on end of fog, and our favorite freezing rain, then this is your kind of place. Then there is the aftermath. Days or weeks on end with no power in the area because of the storms. So if you like the above weather then the Pocono's is definitely your kind of place.

This area was farm, coal, logging and tourism but now people don't think twice about commuting from the Greater New York City or Philadelphia areas. They don't think twice about the long hour plus one way trip for work. Now we have state sponsored gambling with three casinos nearby. We have resorts, with more coming, with indoor water parks and convention centers along with the existing ski resorts. Our area is getting so built up I can see a time when it will just be one part of the Northeast Corridor on the map. Traffic is at times no better if not worse than the city. This is due to our old two lane country roads not being able to handle the increase of traffic to these resorts, malls and strip malls. Just piss poor planning by the powers that be wanting to make a quick buck without thinking about the infrastructure. Also I made the HUGE MISTAKE of buying in a Private Community. Just one more bureaucracy layer added to your life and you pay money out to your local municipality that does nothing for that money because your in a "HOA". Guess what most of the homes not in the towns are in the Pocono's? They are Homeowners Association.

I am EMA Coordinator for Tunkhannock Township. I got my township StormReady! I am Skywarn Coordinator for Carbon and Monroe counties. I am a CERT instructor and try to keep our local communities involved and ready in case of any events that may strike the plateau. I am also an Amateur Radio Operator, my call is N3VAE.

I am a computer nut who tries to keep up with all the changes. There is something for everyone. Even my parents, who are retired, have gotten into computers. The best thing that has happen is that my friend Tom introduced me to Linux. What an operating system! That was in 1998 and since 1999 I've been a fan of Linux and played with a couple of different distros. I have played with both Windows and Mac OS X and feel it is superior to them both. If you are still using the other guys OS and tired of all the stupid stuff that happens and the cost of Apple products than maybe it's time to give Linux a try. You can keep that couple year old computer you had to get rid of to use the other guys products.

Some Pictures

Ice Storm 2005

Another picture of Ice Storm

Janet and my Father

My Mother

William and Andrea

Logan and Penelope

William his dog Arya and GiGi

Bo in snow

Miriel and GiGi

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